Guardian Air Twin Nozzles

A Twin air induction nozzle producing medium coarse droplets that balance spray coverage with drift reduction. Suitable to maximise the spray window without compromising coverage for the widest range of targets. Effective down to 100 l/ha of water.

  • The finest air included droplets for more drops per litre compared to other common Twin air-induction nozzles

  • Twin 30° forward and rear inclines. At lower pressures spray drift is reduced by 50% so the balance between spray coverage and drift reduction can be easily adjusted by the operator

  • Excellent spray coverage at 3 bar and 100 l/ha water

  • Includes an integral easy twist Snaplock cap

  • Compact design helps protect the nozzle from damage during transit and use

Provide excellent coverage and canopy penetration. The twin spray orientation is ideal for good coverage of ear sprays, oilseed fungicides and for desiccation.

drift reduction profile

Reduces drift by 50% at 2-3 bar; LERAP, ZNT and JKI rated.


Product Information

Made from durable Polyacetal engineering polymer, Twin 110 degree fans. spray patterns inclined 30° forward and back.spray. Optimised for 50 cm boom height. Available in 8 sizes 02, 025, 03, 035, 04, 05, 06, 08. Order part number e.g. GAT110-03, includes easy twist Snaplock cap.


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