Boom X Tender XT Spray Nozzle

A boomless nozzle that throws a very coarse spray swath up to 4.9 metres. This can either extend the reach of a short spray boom or replace it completely allowing apraying in places that are not accessible to a longer boom.

  • Available in flow rates from 3 to 98 l/min. Maintains a consistent spray distribution up to 4.9 metres from the nozzle
  • Adjust the pressure between 2 and 4 bar to vary the flow rate
  • Adjust the angle of spray by +/-18° to vary the width of the application swath
  • Very coarse, low drift spray penetrates vegetation
  • Available in 2 options:
    Option 1: Durable threaded stanless steel body with replaceable pattern generator Giokit and
    Option 2: Polyacetal FastCap™ option that fit a conventional bayonet for fast changes

Ideal for use in amenity, pasture and forestry where there are obstructions to spraying such as such as power poles,
fences, trees, etc that prevent a conventional boom being used. Also widely used for weed control in pathways between olive, orchards and other trees.

drift reduction profile

Extremely coarse eliminates the risk of spray drift

Product Information

Threaded stainless steel options; 010, 020, 024, 043, 080, 167, 215 order part number e.g. XT020. Polyacetal bayonet fitting options: 010, 015, 020, 024, 043 order part number e.g. FC-XT020.


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