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Nozzles for targets

Full range of technology nozzles designed with specific targets and application in mind.

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3D Nozzle

An inclined spray ideal for targets such as soil clods, and small grass weeds. Eliminates the smallest droplets to reduce drift without compromising coverage. Suitable for PWM systems.

Available in sizes 015 to 08.


3D NINETY Nozzle

A drift reducing, steeply inclined spray designed to optimise coverage on soil and larger targets such as pre-emergence herbicides and  potato blight fungicides. All sizes with 4* LERAP and 90% ZNT drift reduction approvals. Suitable for PWM systems .

Available in sizes 03 to 08.


ESI Nozzle

A compact liquid fertiliser nozzle with  a unique jet array and stabilising diffuser  that creates 6 solid streams for excellent distribution of fertiliser and minimal crop scorch. High flow options. All sizes now with ceramic metering. Suitable for PWM systems.

Available in sizes 015 to 20.

GA Nozzles header.png.thumb.319.319

Guardian Air Nozzle

An inclined air induction nozzle that balances drift reduction with spray coverage and
evens out front and rear target coverage. Suitable for cereals, oilseed rape and other
combinable crops. Effective down to 100 l/ha of water. 3* LERAP approved.

Available in sizes 015 to 05.

GAT-GROUP-2014-980440 Header.png.thumb.319.319

Guardian Air TWIN Nozzle

Twin 30° forward and rear inclines, with similar spray quality to GuardianAIR .
Ideal for good coverage of ear sprays, oilseed fungicides and for desiccation. Includes an integral easy twist Snaplock cap.

Available in sizes 02 to 08.

lo drift nozzle


The original pre-orifice drift reducing nozzle. Coarser than a conventional flat fan nozzle, producing half the drift.

Available in sizes 015 to 08.

ULD Nozzles header.png.thumb.319.319

A compact drift reducing nozzle with coarse, air-filled droplets and a thick spray plume. Suitable for soil-active or translocated foliar sprays on larger targets. 
Sizes 04 and 05 achieve 4* LERAP and 90% JKI approval.

Available in sizes 015 to 08.


Extremely coarse air-filled droplets. 95% drift reduction across pressures and speeds, suitable where drift reduction is absolutely critical.

Available in sizes 02 to 08.

VP Nozzles header.png.thumb.319.319

VP Nozzle

Flexible flat fan nozzle for use between 1 and 5 bar with 110° and 80 ° options and a wide range of flows. Ideal for automatic rate control systems. Mixed droplet spectrum, traditionally used for a wide range of targets.

Available in sizes:
015 to 15  (110°)
015 to 06 (80°)

XT Boomless Nozzles header.png.thumb.319.319

Throw a very coarse spray swath up to 4.9 metres. This extends the reach of a spray boom or replaces it completely. Ideal for use in forests, amenity or pasture where there are obstructions to spraying.

Available in flow rates from
3 to 98 l/min.


deflector nozzles

PoliJet (AN) and Deflectip (DT) Anvil 55° – 130° Nozzles produce a uniform spray with reduced nozzle blockages. Wide range of spray angle and flow options for different swath widths, ideal for
knapsack spraying.

Avaliable in sizes:
Polijet 0.6 to 2.4
DT: 0.5 to 20

HF Spray Nozzle header.png.thumb.1280.1280

Hi Flow Nozzles

A wide angle, high flow rate nozzle that generates an extremely coarse spray,.Available in a range of flow rates up to 24 l/min.  Typically used to apply pre-emergent fertilizer . 

Available in sizes 08 to 60.

FCX Full-Cone Spray Tips header.png.thumb.1280.1280

Full cone

Full cone pattern.  Suitable for spot spraying with knapsack sprayers. Medium to fine spray over 1-10 bar pressures.

Available in sizes 02 to 08.


Hollow cone

Hollow cone pattern. Fine or very fine spray quality over 3-10 bar pressures.

Available in sizes 02 to 18.


Disc and core

Finely atomised droplets in a hollow cone pattern, suitable for contact acting chemicals. Designed for band spraying or misting spray applications. Combine disc and cores for a range of flows or use the disc alone for streaming applications.

Disc sizes: 04 to 08
Core sizes: 13 to 45


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