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Press Release: LAMMA Show 2024

Pentair Hypro will be exhibiting at LAMMA (Birmingham NEC) in Hall 9, stand 618 on the 17th & 18th January 2024.  On display will be a range of pump technologies, nozzles, smart nozzle bodies and chemical transfer components that support spray operators to be more precise and more efficient and our knowledgeable and friendly team will be on hand to answer all your questions.

Press Release: LAMMA Show 2023

Pentair’s new products on show at this year’s LAMMA (Birmingham NEC) in Hall 8, stand 9.418 on the 10th & 11th January 2023 will help spray operators to be more precise, more efficient and more environmentally friendly. In addition to the brand new Cleanload Nexus closed transfer coupler, which has already received a mention in the EIMA 2022 innovation awards, new nozzles, smart nozzle bodies and pump technology for the agricultural spray application sector will be on display.

Press Release: CLEanload Nexus

The Cleanload Nexus coupler together with the new easyconnect cap that will soon become the standard closure for all European agrochemical manufacturers provide a completely sealed system for transferring agrochemicals to the sprayer, protecting the operator and the environment from the inevitable splashes and spills of an open system.

Emptying containers with Cleanload Nexus is not only safer but also simple, fast and efficient with turnaround times as fast as with conventional filling using an induction bowl. Partial dosing is possible in the closed system and the contents of a partially emptied container can be reconnected to Cleanload Nexus when needed.

“The 63 mm easyconnect cap is being adopted from 2022 and will be rolled out across Europe by 2025. This means that in time nearly all of the chemical that arrives on the farm can be connected directly to our Cleanload Nexus by simply removing the dust cap, there is no need for unscrewing or for any adaptor, so both safety and speed of operation will both be significantly improved.” said Roger James, Product Manager