Diaphragm Pumps

Self-priming, chemically resistant, and easy to maintain. 
Positive displacement diaphragm pumps are suitable for continuous or intermittent spraying, liquid transfer, or circulation applications. Flow rates up to 23 l/min and pressures up to 10 bar. They offer 12v, 24v and mains power options, continuous or intermittent duty cycle, built-in check valves, and can be run dry without damage. These pumps are ideal for small sprayers such as ATV and lawn care, spot spray, and mini bulk transfer or fluid circulation applications.

  • Heavy duty 12v, 24v and 230v mains power motors
  • Bypass or demand switch options
  • Self-priming
  • Flow rates up to 23 l/min and pressure up to 10 bar
  • Smooth consistent flow for continuous or intermittent operation
  • Select Santoprene diaphragm and Viton valves ideal for agrochemical use
2088 No Control 12VDC Diaphragm Pump header.png.thumb.1280.1280 (1)

2088 Series

Shurflo 2088 Series 12v diaphragm pumps are used in a variety of spraying and transferring applications that require flows of up to 12.5 lpm. Available in chemical-resistant materials, they can be mounted in any position, can run dry, and are designed for easy maintenance. Specify an internal valve to prevent backflow.

SLV10-AA40-41-48 Auto Demand Pump header.png.thumb.1280.1280

The Shurflo SLV Series diaphragm pumps are ideal for low volume (up to 3.4 lpm), intermittent duty applications requiring a compact pump with low power consumption.


8000 Series

The 8000 Series diaphragm pump is chemical-resistant, with flows up to 6.8 lpm. With an automatic demand switch, they are self-priming, chemically resistant, and can be mounted in any position. Shurflo’s most widely used industrial and agricultural pump series.


Designed for high flow, the Shurflo® 5000 series pump design was created with a unique one-piece co-molded diaphragm, assuring long life and top performance in any system. The 5000 series pump is built for powerful, smooth flow.


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