Transfer Pumps

Utilising high-flow transfer pumps on a water bowser to optimise sprayer logistics. High-capacity transfer pumps keep the sprayer spraying and allow mixing and container wash to be done off-sprayer. Save time by increasing the fill speed for your sprayer.

  • Lightweight polypropylene casing  for portability
  • 2″ version flow rates up to 780 l/min
  • 3″ version flow rates up to 1832 l/min
  • Up to 4.1 bar pressure
  •  Maximum 5 metre suction height
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Housing: 2″x2″ or 3″ X 3″ Polypropylene.
Pump Seals: EPDM Mechancial
Suction lift: 25 ft./7.62 m
Poly impeller with stainless steel insert

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Achieve the highest performance available in a 3” poly transfer pump up to 1832 lpm with the highest efficiency and horsepower on the market.

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This polypropylene, electric-driven, 2″ transfer pump achieves a max of 712 lpm and a max of 3.7 bar.

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