Ultra Low Drift Nozzle

A compact air induction drift-reducing nozzle with coarse, air-filled droplets and a thick spray plume. Suitable for soil-active or translocated foliar sprays on larger targets.

  • Coarse air-filled droplets
  • Reduces drift by 90% for sizes 04 and 05, widens the spraying window for applications
  • Uniquely thick fan pattern helps coverage regardless of the shape and size of the target
  • Ultra compact nozzle design to minimise risk of damage during transport and use
  • Patented Dual Air Inlet design


Suitable for soil-active and translocated foliar sprays on larger targets where effective drift reduction is important.

drift reduction profile

Reduces drift by 90% for sizes 04 and 05 between 2 and 5 bar; LERAP, ZNT and JKI rated.

Product Information

Made from durable Polyacetal engineering polymer. 120° spray angle optimised for 50 cm boom height. Available in 8 sizes 015, 02, 025, 03, 04, 05, 06, 08. Order part number e.g. ULD120-03 or FC-ULD120-03 to include Fastcap seal and filter.


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