Agricultural Spray Products


Pentair Hypro pumps, nozzles, and sprayer components ensure your spray application needs are met reliably, efficiently and safely.

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The pump is the heart of every spraying system. Pentair has developed its Hypro and Shurflo pump solutions to offer a wide range of flow rates and features to enable you to spray reliably and efficiently.

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Your choice of spray nozzles affects the accuracy, efficiency, and drift potential of each spray application. We use our experience to supply you with precision, engineered nozzles to ensure accurate delivery of spray to the target.


Single and multi-outlet nozzle bodies with a choice of boom fittings, connections, and controls. From simple DCVs to cost-effective pneumatic and high-precision electric control valves, we have all the technologies to help you spray better.

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We offer a range of conventional induction bowls, venturis, container and tank wash nozzles, as well as Cleanload Nexus, the first new Closed Transfer Coupler designed for use with easyconnect caps.

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A range of fittings, adapters and other components that support our core product ranges including; nozzle caps and filters.