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July. 17th 2024

Pentair Hypro has unveiled a new online Training Hub designed to provide comprehensive video training for the installation and operation of the Cleanload Nexus closed transfer coupler for easyconnect caps. This training targets sprayer service technicians at dealers, distributors, and farm businesses, ensuring confident and effective installation of the Cleanload Nexus Coupler.

The program includes 15 concise videos, each 3-5 minutes long, followed by a quiz to reinforce understanding. The training is free, self-paced, and available in multiple languages, with successful participants being added to Pentair Hypro’s database of trained installers.

Pentair Hypro will also offer in-person hands-on learning opportunities later this year. The Cleanload Nexus coupler, compliant with ISO 21191 and approved by JKI, provides a fast, simple, and safe method for loading sprayers.

For more information and to start training, visit Pentair EU Training Hub.

Contact Information: Submit your request here

About Pentair: Pentair is a global leader in water, fluid, thermal management, and equipment protection, dedicated to creating innovative solutions for a sustainable and safer environment.

For additional information, visit Cleanload Nexus


May 7th, 2024

Knight Machinery, have designed a Cleanload Nexus closed transfer coupler onto one of their self propelled sprayers, the first of which has been supplied and installed onto a customer’s machine in East Yorkshire.

Cleanload Nexus will also be fitted to Knight’s 2450 model demonstration sprayer. It is one of the first sprayer models in the industry to feature integrated closed transfer technology designed for easyconnect caps.

13 agrochemical manufacturers in Europe are working together to make the easyconnect the industry standard container closure with Croplife Europe, the industry association committed to 100% closed transfer by 2030.

Easyconnect caps are already appearing on farms this spring and will be fitted to more and more packs in 2024 and 2025, as production of the caps ramps up.

On the Knight 2450, the Cleanload Nexus is securely located at a comfortable working adjacent to the induction bowl, making it fast and straightforward to manage containers as well as offering industry leading protection of both operator and environment from splashes and spills during filling.

With Pentair as the industry partner during development of the easyconnect system, Cleanload Nexus which is now entering full production has been fully tested and proven in practice, meeting the new ISO21191 standard and having already secured JKI approval.

 April 9th, 2024

Sands, the renowned Norfolk based agricultural equipment manufacturer, has engineered the Cleanload Nexus onto their Horizon range of sprayers as an optional feature. This innovative solution, when fitted with a side-mounted induction hopper, promises to fundamentally change the way farmers approach chemical loading and handling for containers fitted with easyconnect caps.

Sands has delivered their first machine equipped with the Cleanload Nexus. Use of Pentair Hypro Cleanload Nexus streamlines the chemical loading process, and enhances safer, faster, and more efficient liquid plant protection product loading.

Interested farmers can contact Sands or visit their website at to learn more about the Horizon sprayers and the Cleanload Nexus integration.


11th March 2024

Farmers can now claim their share of £70 million UK government grant funding which can reduce the cost of a Closed Transfer System (CTS) by 60%. The Farming Equipment and Technology Fund  2024 supports the adoption of a wide range of agricultural equipment and for the first time includes Closed Transfer Systems for sprayers, including FETF420 which is the reference for containers under 20L. To qualify for funding the Closed Transfer System must comply with ISO21191, which means it must directly connect the container to the sprayer and make a clean, dry connection with no leaks allowing air into the container while connected for fast emptying, completely empty containers and have an integrated rinse facility to allow containers to be rinsed.

Cleanload Nexus meets the conditions of the grant and is the only coupler that is on the market and approved to be directly coupled to easyconnect caps which are set to rapidly become the standard agrochemical closure in Europe. Applicants must register with the Rural Payments Service and submit their application between 6 March and 17 April 2024 and the application window will close at midday on 17 April 2024. For help with submitting a grant application contact

For more information and detailed requirements refer to the Farming Equipment and Technology Fund page.

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26th February 2024

Pentair Hypro recently welcomed the Syngenta Application Club 2024 to their new UK location.

The facility at Bourn features net zero carbon systems and designed to Pentair’s specification. It includes Pentair warehousing for UK and Ireland as well as state-of-the-art engineering labs and design and analytical equipment to support the Pentair nozzle engineering team.

The Application Club meeting brought together leading UK farmers to see and discuss cutting-edge agricultural spraying technologies and advancements.

As well as enjoying enlightening presentations from the Syngenta team and an outside demonstration of by John Deere of their 4150 sprayer, the attendees took the opportunity to explore this new site and participate in a product workshop offering insights on current spraying practices and valuable feedback that will influence new product development decisions.

The enjoyable event brought the users together with the designers of Pentair and Syngenta branded products and fostered knowledge exchange but also showcased the commitment of both Hypro and Syngenta to work together to drive innovation and excellence in agricultural practices.


22nd January 2024

Pentair Hypro made a significant impact at LAMMA 2024 in Birmingham, showcasing cutting-edge spray application technologies. Among the highlights was the Cleanload Nexus closed transfer coupler (a previous Lamma show winner of the prestigious IAGRE Ivel Award for best new product or environmental innovation). This wholly mechanical device offers a fast, simple and safe way to transfer agrochemicals from easyconnect packs into the sprayer, massively reducing the risk of operator contamination and helping to support sustainable agricultural practice.

Another standout exhibit was the new ProStop-E Dual Nozzle Bodies, offering precise individual nozzle control to enhance spray accuracy and minimizing chemical wastage. This system allows operators to switch between 2 nozzles on the move, as well as the option to rotate 2 more nozzles to the active position when required. ProStop-E Dual is a cost-effective solution that integrates seamlessly with various spray controllers, making it an ideal choice for both new and refurbished sprayer booms.

Pentair also offers a diverse selection of agricultural pump technologies that cater to diverse application rates and fluid movement needs. From high-capacity centrifugal pumps to lightweight transfer pumps, self-priming roller pumps and smaller volume Shurflo diaphragm pumps. All models are designed to be efficient, reliable, and meet the needs of the full range of agricultural spraying tasks.

Watch our videos of some of the exhibits if you missed the show to learn more about how these technologies can benefit your agricultural business.

1. Watch – Pentair Hypro ProStop-E Dual at Lamma 2024
2. Watch Pentair Hypro Centrifugal Pumps – Lamma 2024
3. Watch Pentair Hypro – 3D Ninety – Lamma 2024

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For over 75 years, Hypro solutions have helped customers achieve breakthrough performance by developing best-in-class fluid handling and precision application componentry and delivering in-depth technical support, uncompromised customer service, and exceptional quality.


Pentair Hypro a supplier of pumps, nozzles and sprayer components to sprayer manufacturers and distributors around the world, has won the Ivel Award for best new product or environmental innovation at LAMMA 2023.

Presenting the award at LAMMA Charlie Nicklin CEO of IAgrE said:

“Safely handling agricultural chemicals has been an industry challenge for many years, not only from an operator safety perspective, but also making sure we’re mindful of waste, recycling and the effect on the environment.

Pentair have very much solved the industry need with their innovative new system, which longer term will be adopted by chemical and equipment manufacturers. Their novel close-coupled transfer system allows chemicals to be decanted into the sprayer and the containers washed without the operator having any contact with the contents or even having to open the container. This winning solution protects operators, reduces waste and demonstrates professional practice, whilst caring for the environment. A clear engineering solution.”

Roger James, Product Manager for Cleanload Nexus, who was presented with the award at LAMMA said:  “I am delighted to receive this award on behalf of Pentair Hypro and for the recognition that this important new technology is receiving”

Cleanload Nexus is a mechanical device for closed transfer of agrochemicals. Used with a compatible easyconnect cap, it will open a container, remove the contents (fully or partially) into the sprayer tank, and then clean and reseal the container.

It is designed to protect sprayer operators from the splashes and spills that inevitably occur when pouring from a bottle, but without slowing down or adding complexity to their filling operations.

It can be plumbed into any sprayer that has suction (usually drawing from the bottom of an existing induction bowl) and may be permanently mounted on the sprayer, or alternatively on a wall, stand or bracket (in which case it is connected to suction during filling using dry break couplings and also to clean water for rinsing).

Pentair Hypro EU Ltd is confident the easyconnect cap will become the industry standard across Europe over the next few years. When the user is ready to use the chemical, all they have to do is to remove the dust cap from the container, invert it and locate the cap onto Cleanload Nexus, no unscrewing or adaptor is needed because the cap comes out of the factory pre-fitted to the container.

What is innovative: the device is the first of its kind to be used with a compatible easyconnect cap. These caps will be gradually introduced in the EU market in 2022, and will be pre-fitted onto containers of different sizes by all agrochemical companies who are members of CropLife Europe.

Foreseen advantages: easiness of use, reduction in the environmental impact.